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    Beaver Lodge Beavers live near rivers and streams. They build a home of sticks, grass and mud, which is called a lodge. Beavers have big, sharp teeth that they use to chew through trees. The beavers use the wood to build a dam across the water, which stops the lodge from being washed away. Beavers are extremely gentle, family-oriented animals who mate for life and remain lifelong friends with their offspring. The second-largest rodent in the world, the beaver can live 19 years, reach 60 pounds, and grow up to 4 feet long. Baby beavers, or Òkits,Ó are usually born to hard-working, loving parents who have been together for many years. Female beavers are especially busy as they care for their young while looking after their rambunctious Òteenagers.Ó During winter, piles of sticks are stored in the water so that beavers can nibble at the bark. In spring they eat buds and shoots. Oily, waterproof fur keeps beaversÕ skin dry and enables them to stay warm in cold water. The entrance to the lodge is an underwater tunnel. This stops other animals from getting inside. The lodge is hollow inside. The floor is above water so the beaver family can rest and eat. Chewing through trees wears a beaverÕs teeth down, but the teeth never stop growing.
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