• Coldwater Coral Reef

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    artwork illustration painting coldwater coral reef fish anemone brittlestars squat lobsters coral polyps reefs reef building cold water coral reef ophiocoma erinaceus lauriea siagiani calcium carbonate alfonsino fish flytrap anemone bubble gum coral and gorgonian sea fan ocean sea water seabed stock image stock photo
    This scene is also available with a cut-out channel, please see FOT1239019 from our ’Ready to use Cut-out Collection’. Coldwater Coral Reef - Alfonsino fish, Anemone, Brittlestars, Squat Lobsters, Flytrap anemone, Bubble gum coral and Gorgonian sea fan Tiny creatures called coral polyps build large reefs in the cold, deep ocean. Coral reefs are often found in warm, shallow waters, and they attract a wide variety of life. Cold-water reefs are not such varied habitats, but there may be more cold-water reefs than warm-water ones. Coral polyps produce a hard substance called calcium carbonate, which forms a protective cup around them. Over time, the stony cups collect and grow into a reef, held together by a cement of sand, mud and other particles. Coral polyps have tubeÐshaped bodies and tentacles around their mouths. All polyps feed by filtering food particles from the water, and they have thousands of tiny stingers to stun bigger prey. A type of coldÐwater coral polyp called Lophelia is the most common reef builder in the Atlantic Ocean. One reef can cover 2000 square kilometres and is home to animals such as squat lobsters, long-legged crabs, and fish Ð especially babies called larvae. Other coldÐwater communities have been found in the deep oceans. Engineers drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico found cold seeps (places where gases leak out of cracks in the rocks) and animal life thrived nearby. The gases are an energy source for bacteria that feed there. Animals that feed on t
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