• The New Inn, Sidley Green

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    The New Inn Sidley Green site of infamous 'Battle of Sidley Green' The Bexhill Smuggling Trail Inn from 12th century origins to 1376 Known as the Five Bells in mid 18th century stock image stock photo
    Late at night on Friday 3rd January 1828, with Sidley Green illuminated by the light of the moon in its last quarter, a dramatic and bloody scene unfolded. Smugglers had fought a running battle with men of the Coast Blockade all the way from the shore, and it was at Sidley Green that the fight reached its fatal climax. Reinforcements from the Galley Hill Martello Tower arrived and the smugglers' batsmen drew up into a line to hold them off, while the carts of contraband, and tubmen with barrels of alcohol and parcels of tobacco, made their escape. The brutal fighting involved about 16 to 18 batsmen, wielding their long wooden staves, with a similar number of lightly armed smugglers in support, and about 40 blockademen armed with swords, muskets and bayonets. Many combatants were seriously wounded, two fatally. On the Coast Blockade side, Quartermaster Collins had his brains beaten out by the batsmen; on the Smugglers side old Timothy Smithurst was shot through the neck. Smithurst's body was found the next morning still grasping a wooden bat, which was almost hacked to pieces by the cutlasses of the blockademen.
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