• The Star Inn

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    The Star Inn ancient inn 15th century dating from 1402 East Sussex The Bexhill Smuggling Trail Inn one of the smugglers haunts stock image stock photo
    The Star Inn is ancient, probably dating back to the 15th century. It was on the main highway between Hastings and Pevensey and was a known haunt of smugglers until the early 19th century. The Star Inn bridge, where the Gillhams hid their boats The Little Common Gang of smugglers concealed their two luggers at a secret location near here; they were The Long Boat and The Princess Charlotte. The marsh was difficult for the authorities to patrol and local knowledge was needed to cross it safely, particularly at night. A pitched battle was fought here in February 1822 between the Little Common Gang and men of the Coast Blockade. About three hundred smugglers assembled outside The Star to await the arrival of The Princess Charlotte. Before the ship made landfall, an armed party of blockademen arrived and broke up the gathering with gunfire, shooting one of the smugglers in the process. The Princess Charlotte then put back to sea, and one account of the incident tells of a mysterious lady who had been waiting for the ship, in a coach pulled by six horses. On the arrival of the blockademen she drove off at speed. Perhaps she was a spy or secret agent, as the smugglers provided a useful way of crossing the Channel and sending messages without detection.
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