The Thoughts Of Others

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Quotes from Sellers

I am registered with a number of agencies as well as my own site. fotolibra is by far the easiest to use and up until now the only site I have sold any photographs from.

A brilliant mechanism for selling pictures. And nice people.

From the start, I loved the concept, the control and convenience. I really am impressed. Jacqui, Yvonne and Gwyn are great assets.

I love the ease with which pictures can be uploaded using the DND tool and the way pictures can be arranged and viewed as collections. The whole set up is very photographer friendly and the staff could not be more encouraging, friendly and helpful. I also like being able to link fotolibra with my website.

As a contributor, I find the website very easy to use and most reliable. The communications are friendly and I don’t know of another company that can provide so effective a commercial platform.

A great introduction to picture libraries — easy to use, accessible and the community spirit.

The Web Editor never seems to hold back with her words of wisdom!

Quotes from Buyers

I have been incredibly impressed by the fotolibra service — this project would have been completely impossible without you!

Your picture library was by far the most efficient and productive, so we’ll definitely be using you again.

Thanks a lot for the images, they look really good. It’s great to get such a good response for such a specialised area.

If only it was as easy dealing with everyone as you ...

Thanks Yvonne, and congratulations for a fantastic service.

Many thanks for what I think is a really excellent selection.

You are smashing! Thanks millions!

Thanks for all your help, this has been a great success.

Thanks for sorting that out for me, you’ve been most helpful once again.

I find fotolibra to be very efficient and on the ball compared to other libraries I have dealt with.