Open Access

Everyone can join fotolibra to store and market photographs

What Open Access really means

There is no minimum submission — just upload one or one thousand great images.

fotolibra licenses usage rights in its contributors' copyright pictures to publishers, then splits the fee with them. At the same time, it provides secure digital image storage. Photographers and copyright owners receive at least 50% of the fee achieved for rights sales in their images.

fotolibra Pro Membership provides 10GB of space to store and market hundreds of images. It costs just £6.00 per month, paid quarterly. Platinum Membership offers 200GB of marketing and storage space for only £15.00 per month (subject to Terms & Conditions) and a 60% commission. There's also our completely free New Membership, which allows the upload of 12 pictures to try out the service and allows you the opportunity to earn something for nothing.

Rights Managed:

Simple on the surface, complex underneath — a matrix of 1,447 price points enables buyers to cost the precise usage rights they require, encompassing territory, print run and medium. Prices range from about £10 up to £25,000 (for a 5 year buy out). We even have a special deal for digital only publishers — advanceimages.

Royalty Free:

fotolibra contributors have the option to select images they would prefer to sell as Royalty Free. Prices start at £30.00. They must have Model Releases and Property Releases where relevant. The recommended minimum file size is 48MB and the shortest side must be no less than 5025 pixels.

fotolibra Royalty Free Pricing


As soon as a picture sells, details of the image, the purchaser, the purpose and the commission due are entered on the contributor's Account page.

Contributors are also asked to send details of particularly marketable collections of images they have uploaded so that picture researchers can be alerted. Email