What Do I Get?

We sell your images, and you get paid.

fotolibra's Rights Managed Payment Structure

When image rights are sold, fotolibra bills the agreed fee to the client. Contributors receive 50% of the net sales receipts. Platinum Members receive 60% of the net sales receipts.

fotolibra has 1,447 price points to cover virtually every sales need, from a small ad in a local paper to a worldwide giant poster exclusive buyout. Contributors can therefore receive anything from £7.50 to £12,500 for a Rights Managed picture sale.

There is often a long delay between the image option notification and confirmation of sale, and payment is not usually made by book publishers until the book is actually published. This may be up to a year or more after the image has been optioned.

Contributors are paid within 30 days of fotolibra receiving payment.

fotolibra's Royalty Free Payment Structure

Compare this with what you might earn from microstock agencies.

Web 624 72 £15 £18
Small 1120 300 £25 £30
Medium 2795 300 £45 £53
Large 4280 300 £75 £84
Super 5025 300 £90 £108