Types Of Membership

fotolibra offers three classes of membership to suit every photographer's need.

In addition every contributor gets a free Heritage Membership account which allows unlimited storage of historic images, and a free Streetscapes account to build an archive of the world's changing high streets.

Member Up to 12 images, Free Pro Membership Up to 10GB, £18.00 per quarter Platinum Membership Up to 200GB, £45.00 per quarter

All fotolibra Contributors can upload up to twelve images absolutely free.

By upgrading to Pro Membership you get a massive 10GB of selling space on fotolibra. That's around 500 high-quality JPEGs.

You can create new Collections, move images between them, and add and delete as many new images as you like.

Platinum Members get a mammoth 200GB of instantly accessible online storage and marketing.

All Platinum Members receive 60% of net sales receipts on their image sales.

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