Streetscape Portfolio

fotolibra champions the world's vanishing streetscapes

fotolibra is determined to preserve images of our vanishing heritage. And we need your help!

All over the world the face of our towns and cities is changing before our eyes. Every country needs to keep a record of how they look now. An old shopfront, an empty factory, billboards old and new — all these are moments in time that can't be repeated.

That's why fotolibra wants to make sure the unique character of our towns, cities and villages is captured and preserved for the future.

Upload your photographs of everyday rows of shops and houses to your free Streetscape Portfolio. Help fotolibra become a leading source of images of our changing, increasingly urban world — and the sales will benefit you, the photographer.

Here's how: You can upload as many relevant images to your Streetscape Portfolio as you like, for as long as you like.

  • No upload or storage limit
  • No date limitation
  • 50% commission on sales
  • You always retain your copyright

There are just four things to remember:

  • Images must meet the submission guidelines in fotolibra's User Manual
  • Images should be put into the Architecture > Towns and Cities category
  • Image keywords must contain the word streetscape
  • And of course you must name the street and city in your keywords

Without the streetscape term in your keywords, you will not be able to select the Streetscape Portfolio.