Selling Your Photos

Why buyers are interested in your images

Picture researchers are always looking for the chance to use previously unpublished, unseen images. These may be pictures that can't be taken again — the historic ones in family albums and stored in shoe boxes in the attic. Or equally they are the born digital images taken today.

The more pictures you upload for researchers to look at, the more likely you are to make a sale. The more relevant detail you give about each picture when you caption and keyword it, the more likely you are to have your image come up when a picture buyer makes a search.

Select the pictures you want them to see. The pictures you think might interest other people. Any subject. Anywhere. Any time. Upload them to fotolibra and we'll do the rest. We'll handle the marketing, the paperwork, the billing, the storage and the remittance to you.

In addition we send you monthly newsletters and weekly (or more frequent) Picture Calls which tell you exactly what pro picture buyers are looking for right now.

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