Useful Scanning Help

Domestic scanners now deliver adequate quality, but you have to know how to use them properly


Scan your reflective images (photos, prints, maps, anything that's printed) at 600dpi and 200% size. Unless you have been trained, don't try colour correction and don't mess with the image unless that's an integral part of your composition.


Ensure you have a transparency scanner and know how to use it. Scan your transmissive images (transparencies, slides, diapositives) at a minimum resolution of 1200dpi and 600% size.

Before uploading to fotolibra

Read our User Manual and ensure the image you intend to upload meets our specifications.

Essential Advice

This barely scratches the surface. For more on this crucial topic, keep reading.

SPEND A LITTLE TIME studying the manual and the Help files that come with your scanner software. You'll probably be amazed by its versatility, and you'll discover features you never thought you'd bought.

Guide to Image Sizes

Here is a simple guide to image sizes which will help calculate the optimum sizes you need to remember when you are scanning originals.

Useful Articles

We have a collection of useful releases from various sources on all sorts of subjects. You can browse through them for some great hints and tips.