Captions And Keywords: The Secret To Success

Use dictionary headwords only — Nouns; Active Verbs; Adjectives; Adverbs. No sentences.

Without relevant descriptive keywords, images can't be found, and if they aren't found, they won't be bought. However wonderful an image may be in composition, subject matter, lighting or rarity, a researcher can only track it down by the caption and keywords associated with it.

The CAPTION is a brief image description, restricted to 36 characters — “Camel Face On” is ideal, “You lookin' at me?” is not. You are not captioning a cartoon, you are making it easy for a professional picture buyer to find and purchase your picture.

KEYWORDS must describe the image in detail — what it shows, where it is, the emotions it evokes, the time of year — using single words or very simple phrases, separated by commas and spaces. They must be accurate, apposite, concise, correctly spelt, descriptive, precise and relevant.

An essay on the preferred prey, terrain and mating habits of the Siberian tiger is irrelevant if the image is a close up of the tiger's head.

fotolibra runs an automatic translation facility on keywords for non-English language picture researchers. So

“Lion, aggression, hunter, tawny”

is translated automatically into Russian as

Лев, агрессия, охотник, смуглавый

and back into English as

“Leo, aggression, the hunter, tawny”

which is close enough.

Whereas a sentence or narrative like:

“The saying that the female of the species is deadlier than the male is particularly true in the case of lions, where the adult females usually hunt down the prey while the males stay at home drinking vodka”

is translated automatically into Russian as

Высказывание что женщина вида чем мужчина определенно поистине в случае львы, где женщины взрослого обычно охотятся вниз с пока мужчины остаются дома выпивая водочкой

and back into English as

“Statement that woman it saw than man definitely truly in the case the lions, where the women of adult usually okhotyatsya downward from thus far the man tyuey ostayutsya house drinking by vodka”

which as you can see is not helpful.

Imagine you don't speak Hittite. You are looking at a picture with Hittite keywords. You have a Hittite dictionary. Bingo — (or Ognib, as they say in Hittatia). You look up the keywords and there is the full description of the picture.

Please write your keywords as if your market were monoglot Hittites.

Essential Reading

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