How It Works

Picture libraries sell image rights for commercial use

Picture libraries hold collections of images. They sell the rights to use these pictures to publishers and other media.

Traditional libraries generally represented famous professional photographers — Magnum handles Cartier-Bresson's work and Snowdon is with Camera Press — so it was hard for outsiders to break in.

Historically, a person looking for a certain image would go to a specialist picture library, ask them to find the picture and then buy the rights to use it for a specific defined purpose.

Established libraries have now put most of their huge collections online, and searching can be a nightmare.

That's where fotolibra has a great advantage. The people cataloguing its images are the ones who know them best — the photographers and picture owners themselves. That means researchers can find exactly what they're looking for, quickly and reliably.

fotolibra provides a marketplace for ambitious and aspiring photographers, as well as allowing researchers to unearth hidden treasures in private picture collections.

If you're photographing people, buildings or Royalty Free imagery, you will find these Release Forms vital.

Model Release Property Release Special Release

fotolibra has been a member of the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA) since before we started trading and as such is recognised within the industry as an ethical and professional company.