Batch Editing Of Captions And Keywords

Uploading several images on similar subjects?

fotolibra's Keyword Maven is a big timesaver.

Cut processing time by making use of earlier captions, keywords and descriptions.

One of the icons on your Edit Image page is an open eye tagged 'Show'  .
Click it to see the last 10 pieces of metadata you entered.

Select one of these for your new image, or click the Closed Eye icon   and write a new one.

If you change your mind after making a selection, you can click the Reset icon   and start again.

Always check the choices you've made to ensure every term you've used is relevant to each specific image. It is vitally important that photographs of grapes, for example, are not also captioned apple; nut; banana; orange or so on: see this Pro Blog on the subject.

If you batch edit in Adobe LightRoom, Photoshop, Apple Aperture or any specialist metadata annotation software you can caption
and credit the images before upload, and fotolibra will automatically extract the data for you.

A selection of useful Metadata Annotation Software is listed here .

There are also specialist keywording applications such as OnAsia's Image Keyworder , available for $80.