You can choose between Rights Managed or Royalty Free.

Rights Managed prices

To see fotolibra's rights-managed prices, sign in as a registered fotolibra Buyer in the blue bar at the top of the page.

Find a Thumbnail, then click on the grey currency icon below.

Enter your usage needs (4 clicks max) and you'll see the price.

When you buy a RIGHTS MANAGED image you buy specific rights to use the picture in a given environment, and most of our fees are worked out based on three parameters: SIZE, CIRCULATION and REPETITION.

SIZE is the actual physical size at which the picture is used.
Obviously a picture taking up one twelfth of a page will cost less than a picture taking up a full page, which in turn will cost less than a picture used on a 48 sheet poster.

CIRCULATION means the number of people likely to see the image. An image sold for a leaflet with a print run of 1,000 will be cheaper than one used in a national newspaper with a circulation of 2,000,000.

REPETITION is the number of times the picture is used.
A newspaper or a book publisher will usually buy a picture for a single use; an advertising agency may use a picture repeatedly over a six or twelve month campaign.

This means every time the picture is sold and used, the photographer gets a royalty payment.

That's why fotolibra has no less than 1,447 different prices for the sale of rights managed images.

It may appear complex but it's not. We've made it so easy to use: max four clicks to target the price for the precise usage you need. And it's the fair way to set the right price.

Royalty Free prices

WEB USE624 pixels72 ppi£30 / $46 / €38
SMALL1120 pixels300 ppi£50 / $79 / €63
MEDIUM2795 pixels300 ppi£90 / $140 / €112
LARGE4280 pixels300 ppi£140 / $220 / €175
SUPER5025 pixels300 ppi£180 / $282 / €225

ROYALTY FREE images have full clearances where relevant: Model Release and Property Release.

The earliest images uploaded to fotolibra may not meet these standards — please check with us first.

Broadly, ROYALTY FREE images tend to be generic shots of things (a palm fringed beach; a cow in a field; a happy couple running hand in hand in the surf), while RIGHTS MANAGED tend towards being actual images of real people and places at specific times (the Queen at her Diamond Jubilee, June 2012). Think bland versus reality. Sweeping, but fair.

When you buy a ROYALTY FREE image, you can do much as you like with it, using it as many times and in as many places as you want. One flat fee, and that's that. It's yours to use — but not to sell on.
The ultimate copyright rests with the photographer. It is the choice of the fotolibra Contributors whether their pictures are marketed as either Rights Managed or Royalty Free.


Are you an ebook publisher? Want to protect your cashflow against heavy upfront picture costs? We've got the answer — read about fotolibra's unique advanceimages program here.