Equal Opportunities Policy

Statement of Values

VisConPro Limited trading as fotolibra is fully committed to the active promotion of equality of opportunity in its employment practices, in the work it undertakes and in its provision of services and activities to customers and the public.

The primary aim of this Policy is to ensure that no-one associated with fotolibra receives less favourable treatment, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements imposed on the grounds of their age, sexuality, physical characteristics or abilities, racial or cultural background, religious beliefs, social or material circumstances.

fotolibra is opposed to discriminatory attitudes and behaviour on any of these grounds and is committed to translating this principle into practice in all aspects of its work.

Statement of Intent

fotolibra recognises that a policy will not in itself provide equality of opportunity and acknowledges that specific and positive programmes of action are needed. Such programmes involve:

  • A continuous review of the Company's policies and practices to ensure that membership, services and activities are appropriate, relevant and accessible to individuals or groups of people who may experience discrimination, with action being taken to combat any direct or indirect discriminatory practices.
  • Promoting a greater awareness within the Company of the needs of those experiencing discrimination.
  • Developing strategies to ensure that the Company, its directors and staff, do all they can to meet the needs of those experiencing discrimination.
  • Working to ensure that all services and activities provided by the Company conform to this Policy and that full consideration is given at all times to individuals or groups who experience discrimination.
  • Working to ensure that fotolibra's web site complies with the US Government's 508 sector guidelines and subsequent universal access parameters as laid down by the Welsh Assembly, the British Government and EU guidelines.
  • Reviewing the employment practices and procedures of fotolibra to identify potential areas of discrimination.
  • Implementing and encouraging appropriate remedial action where necessary.
  • Monitoring fotolibra's activities to identify any inequalities in membership, participation or service provision and to implement appropriate remedial action where necessary.

Responsibility for implementation

Application of the Equal Opportunities Policy is the responsibility of the staff and directors of fotolibra. The Managing Director is responsible for the general application of the Policy in terms of recruitment of staff, marketing the organisation and provision of services and activities to both customers and contributors.

Individual Contributors should be responsible for the application of the Policy in relation to any work they obtain through, or activities they undertake as a result of their involvement with fotolibra.

A committee comprising the Directors of the Company has been established to review the Policy annually. Any suggestions about how the Policy or its implementation might be improved should be directed to the Managing Director. fotolibra will ensure resources will be available to fulfil the necessary training and other requirements in order to implement this Policy effectively.

Communicating the policy internally

  • fotolibra's Equal Opportunities Policy will be an agenda item at regular staff meetings.

Communicating the policy externally

  • By means of this document.