jQuery File Upload

This snappily named file uploader has replaced FileChucker for uploading images to fotolibra.

We've chosen the fL jQuery Uploader because it has greater expansion potential than other external upload applications we've assessed.

Among its features are multiple file selection, drag 'n' drop, progress bars, file validation, image previews, and additional features which fotolibra may offer in the future.

Only JPEG and TIFF image files are permissible uploads in this version. Vector image and moving picture uploads will be made available in future versions.

Uploads must be 300 ppi JPEGs and larger than 4.3 Mpx. For full details, download the PDF of fotolibra's User Manual here.

fotolibra's own DND Uploader and Checker remains a downloadable application to keep on your desktop. Both upload processes are equally valid.