Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Can I download pictures?
    A: Yes, you need to register as a Buyer if you want to use any images from the fotolibra archive for publication, either print or digital. As a Pro or Platinum Contributor, of course you can download your own images.
  • Q: Can I buy prints or posters?
    A: fotolibra is a digital image rights agency for professional picture editors so this is not a facility we offer. You can of course purchase one-off usage rights for an image and get the poster printed yourself. Sign up as a buyer, price the images as Editorial> Personal Use> One-off, download the digital file and get it printed.
  • Q: I'm trying to buy a picture but my credit card keeps getting rejected.
    A: This is a message from the bank, not fotolibra, and it is probably the most common failure message we are told about. 99 times out of 100 it’s for the same reason: the postcode / zip code that the card is registered to is not the same as the postcode the purchaser has entered. If this happens to you, please verify and check that the card you are using is issued to the same postcode that you are inputting on the site.


  • Q: How do I join fotolibra to sell pictures?
    A: Just complete the short form on the REGISTER page of our site and submit it. That's it.
  • Q: Are there any hidden costs?
    A: No. Membership is free. You can upload up to 12 pictures and we will market them for you, and pay you when they sell. Pro membership to sell and store up to 10GB of pictures is just £6.00 per month — that's £18.00 payable quarterly. And Platinum membership &mash; for huge image portfolios &mash; gives a massive 200GB of selling space for just £15.00 (£45.00 quarterly).
  • Q: What about quality?
    A: Your images must be of high quality to appeal to professional buyers, and must also meet fotolibra's minimum pixel dimension, file size and resolution requirements. In order to meet these necessities, download and read fotolibra's User Manual
  • Q: Can friends and family share my pictures?
    A: Yes. Browsing is free — you don't have to sign in — and searching by your name will display all your images.
  • Q: Can I look at other people's pictures?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: How do I look at all my pictures?
    A: You sign in, using your email address and password, then click on the Control Bar.
  • Q: What about copyright?
    A: Basically, if you have taken the picture, you have copyright. But if you've ever wondered why lawyers are so much richer than the rest of us, have a look at copyright law. There's a useful list of FAQs about copyright on the Arts and Humanities Data Site.
  • Q: I'm not receiving Picture Calls or Newsletters from fotolibra.
    A: Check the News and Picture Call tabs in your Control Bar, or use the RSS feed on the home page to catch up on the latest from fotolibra. If you see items there that you haven't received by email, it could be that your email client is blocking our messages to you. To make sure emails from fotolibra always arrive in your inbox and are not treated as junk mail, please add mailman@fotoLibra.com to your email address book. Contributors using aol.com and hotmail.com are particularly susceptible to this.


  • Q: How do I upload images?
    A: Once you have registered, sign in to access your Control Bar, where you will find easy to follow step-by-step instructions. And check out the upload suite of pages which will explain in detail different ways of uploading pictures.
  • Q: How many pictures can I upload?
    A: As a new member, up to twelve images; as a Pro member, up to 10GB; as a Platinum member, 200GB.
  • Q: Can I upload drawings and paintings as well as photos?
    A: Yes. Any image that can be scanned onto your computer and captioned can be uploaded: postcards, paintings, cartoons, line drawings, maps and so on. Be certain that you are the copyright holder.
  • Q: Is there anything I can't upload?
    A: Yes — pictures for which you do not own the copyright, and pornography; all the images uploaded to fotolibra are checked for content and anything which is pornographic, racist, sexist, defamatory, obscene or offensive is rejected.
  • Q: What image size, format and resolution should I upload?
    A: You should read fotolibra's User Manual before uploading images. fotolibra only accepts JPEG Level 12 (and TIFF) files. Digital cameras create JPEGs and these should be uploaded at 12 or Maximum resolution. Scanned images can be uploaded as JPEGs, without compression, or TIFFs. Please upload RGB images, not CMYK. When scanning transparencies, set the image size to 200% and scan at 1200 ppi before saving the final JPEG at 300 ppi. Royalty Free images must be a minimum of 5100 x 3500 pixels and must have Model and Property releases where applicable.
  • Q: Can I add, change or delete my pictures? Can I edit my captions and keywords?
    A: Yes, all contributors can do this. Read more about keywording.
  • Q: Can I change my free pictures?
    A: Yes, by signing up for fotolibra Pro or Platinum membership. Standard contributors can have a maximum of 12 images in their collection at any time.
  • Q: How much information should I give about each picture?
    A: As much as possible; the more precise and relevant details you supply, the better chance you'll have of making a sale. But if you have uploaded an image of a lion, do not add irrelevant additional detail such as "tiger, jaguar, panther, cheetah, cougar" etc.
  • Q: Why would anyone want to buy my photos?
    A: Publishers are always looking for unseen, unpublished pictures, and somewhere in your family albums may be just the picture they want.
  • Q: How do I get my old pictures scanned?
    A: If you don't have a scanner, you can send your pictures to a scanning house who will scan them for you. You then have a choice: ask us to upload the images straight from the CD or DVD-ROM to fotolibra, ready for you to add detailed captions and keywords, or be sent the CD/DVD along with your original photographs so that you can make a selection before uploading in the usual way.
  • Q: Can I upload images by CD or DVD?
    A: You can send us your JPEG images on CD or DVD for direct upload. An email will advise you when your pictures have been put into a holding bay; you then have 14 days to caption and keyword them before your collection is put onto the market.
    This facility is only available to Pro and Platinum contributors and a £6 handling charge per CD applies, and £12 for DVDs.
    Please note that DVDs and CDs will not be returned. We accept double-sided DVDs, but we do not accept Blu-Ray or HD-DVD.
    Click here to arrange for your CD / DVD uploads.
  • Q: Can I get my stored images back?
    A: You still have your original prints and pictures. fotolibra stores digital copies of your originals. Pro and Platinum Contributors can download their own images from the fotolibra site. But if you lose your originals, or if you simply want copies, fotolibra will come to the rescue — we can put your pictures on to a CD or DVD and mail them to you for just £9.99 per CD or £15 per DVD. To request a copy of your images please click info@fotolibra.com.
  • Q: My photos are 300 ppi as you request, but your system keeps rejecting them.
    A: They will almost certainly be 72 ppi and your software is giving you an erroneous reading. Read this posting on the Pro Blog, and this is what you do in Photoshop: go to Image> Image Size> UNCHECK the Resample Image button, and change the Resolution to 300 pixels / inch. Save the image. If you go to File> Automate> Batch … you can easily apply this to all your images.
  • Q: I'm having problems with fotolibra DND.
    A: Check JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is installed at: http://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp


  • Q: Will you tell me if a picture has been sold?
    A: Yes, we will send you an email telling you which picture has been sold, to whom and for what purpose. A note will appear in your Control Bar.
  • Q: How do I get paid when one of my pictures is sold?
    A: You are offered the choice of payment by electronic bank transfer or PayPal. If you want to be paid by cheque there is a fee of £2.50 / $5.00 / €5.00 per cheque to cover additional administration, postage and bank charges. Payments will be triggered when you have over £30 / €40 / $50 in your account at the end of each month.
  • Q: How much will one of my pictures sell for?
    A: There are 1,447 price points on the site, with costs ranging from a small picture in a stock catalogue (about £10) to a 96 sheet poster worldwide buy-out (about £25,000). To see the prices, you can register on the site as a BUYER (use a different email address). Open your lightbox, search and select a picture and "buy" it, clicking the currency icon. It asks you what you want to use the picture for, then gives you the price for that usage. Customers around the world buy with their credit cards and are billed in their local currency. We split the fee 50/50 with our photographers. 60/40 for Platinum contributors. The price varies according to a combination of parameters such as image size, print run, territory, length of use etc. Fuller details here. The prices are pitched just below industry averages. Royalty free images sell for between £30 and £180, according to file size. As with RM, fees are split 50/50.
  • Q: How do I market my pictures as Royalty Free?
    A: Firstly, they must have Model Releases and Property Releases where applicable. The minimum size is 5100 x 3500 pixels. When you upload a picture to one of your Collections, after you have filled in the captions and keywords you'll see two radio buttons marked 'This is a rights managed image' and 'This is a royalty free image'. If you want the picture to be marketed as Royalty Free, check the radio button.
  • Q: What rights are sold? Perpetual? Limited?
    A: We market both limited use (Rights Managed) rights and Royalty Free imagery. The Contributor has the choice of either method for each photo uploaded. With RM, the sale data is embedded in the file to deter piracy. Contributors could make between £10 to £15,000 per picture sale. We also offer picture buyouts (exclusive use) for up to two years. These make the photographers LOTS of money. But don't hold your breath. Royalty free means the purchaser can use the image as he wishes, except selling it on to someone else, but the photographer still retains ultimate copyright.


  • Q: I've changed my email address.
    A: Sign in with your old email address, go to Control Bar > My Details and amend the email address. Click on the automated verification email we will send you.
  • Q: I've forgotten my password.
    A: To reset your password, click here.
  • Q: My problem isn't listed — I can't find the answer to my particular fotolibra technical query here.
    A: We'll do what we can to help. Email us at support@fotoLibra.com giving us your Member ID. Tell us what OS you are using (Windows? Mac OS X? Linux?) and the version number. If relevant, attach a screenshot. Tell us what browser you use (Firefox? Chrome? Safari? Internet Explorer?) and its version number. If you are having general problems with uploading images and your image file is smaller than 10MB, attach it to your mail. The more information we have from you, the quicker we can diagnose and solve your problem.