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The fotolibra Pro Blog

News, views, politics, threats and dangers, attitudes and opinions as well as advice, hints, tips and all things image-based are covered in this widely-read blog for photographers and picture researchers. Participation is welcome.

The fotoLibrarian Blog

There is a fun-filled blog that touches on picture libraries, selling photographs, architectural follies, haute couture, F1, the discovery of unknown animal species, rugby, cricket, guitars, cookery and typefaces among other subjects. For a rounded picture of the hinterland of work in a picture library and an alternative view on life, it's hard to beat this blog from fotolibra's founder.

There are other ways to keep abreast with fotolibra. The most important are Jacqui Norman's Picture Calls, sent out automatically to all contributors, and her monthly Newsletters . If you don't get them, make sure that your email service provider / ISP isn't blocking automated emails, and add to your favourites and address book. You can always see them under the News and Picture Call tabs on the fotolibra website.

The Linkedin fotolibra Group

The leading business networking site seemed an obvious place to set up a fotolibra Group where we could talk to contributors and they could talk to each other. You don't have to be a fotolibra contributor to join the Linkedin fotolibra Group. We post Picture Calls here and on Facebook, and of course you have to be a fotolibra contributor to submit images. If you are already on Linkedin, please join the Linkedin fotolibra Group.

The Facebook fotolibra Group

We're on Facebook because nearly a billion other people and organisations are. Despite our personal reservations about privacy, fotolibra's accessibility must come first. As with Linkedin, you don't have to be a fotolibra contributor to join the Facebook fotolibra Group.

fotolibra on Twitter

Although not an official fotolibra mouthpiece, founder Gwyn Headley's @fotoLibrarian tweets often have relevance to the picture buying and ebook worlds. Help Gwyn overtake Kevin Pietersen's 650,000 followers by following @fotoLibrarian. Only 649,751 to go.