about advanceimages

advanceimages is a radical new concept in visual content provision, designed to make image sales easier and fairer for both photographer and publisher.

If you go to your Account tab, in the LH column you will now see Subscription / Current Sales / Sales History / advanceimages / Payment Preference

Click on advanceimages , and if you've made a sale you will see the following:

  • a thumbnail of the image(s) used
  • the FOT image ID and its title
  • the title and ISBN of the Heritage Ebook it appears in
  • and the credits due to you.

Each image that has been used in a Heritage Ebook gets one credit.
If an image appears on the cover, it gets 4 credits.
If it's been used on the cover and inside, it gets 5 credits.

What are these credits?

The advanceimages scheme is designed to reward photographers on a continuing basis for ebook picture sales. Instead of a flat fee payment, each credit is a percentage of a royalty payment, which will be credited to your account every 12 months.

By July 2012 Heritage Ebooks accumulated enough data from retailers and distributors to begin distribution of these payments.

For images used by Heritage Ebooks , the contributing fotolibra photographers share a royalty of 17.5% of net sales receipts (NSR).

The NSR will vary according to the distributor. It will be highest for sales made through and lowest for sales made through Amazon, who as well as taking the usual retailer's discount on all ebook sales also charge the publisher for download bandwidth — up to 70p ($1.10, €0.87) for each purchase for the biggest titles.
Note also that in Great Britain ebooks are subject to 20% VAT, which is included in the retail price.

Two examples:

  1. if 10 images have been used in a title, each credit will equate to an annual royalty of 1.75% of NSR for that title.
  2. If 50 images have been used in a title, each credit will pay an annual royalty of 0.35% of NSR for that title.

The more images used in a title, the higher the price of the ebook.

Only images supplied by fotolibra photographers are eligible for the advanceimages payment dividend — other images used will not be sharing in the 17.5% royalty.

What are the credits worth?

The value of each credit will vary according to the price of the ebook it applies to and the number of copies sold. Data was posted to your Account tab in July 2012 and annually thereafter.

One of the core differences between ebooks and print books is that ebooks never go out of print, so the titles will remain on sale and generating income for the foreseeable future.